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Before making a theme request make sure you've read all the pieces of information about request types. The topic title must be with [Suite Instalation] before the title and your community name, Example: [Suite Instalation] Drawncodes. 

Your name »
Community name »
Link to the forum »
Do you agree with our terms? » 
Where can we contact you? »
Additional information » 
Suite version »

Additional Information
Payments are made before purchasing a theme.
We are not responsible for items stolen by other communities.
If you buy a theme posted on the site, you must understand that that theme is not sold to just one person or just you, that theme is for sale to those who want to buy it.
If you want to buy a theme only for your community, then you have to contact me privately, payments are made 50/50, you have to pay half the price at the beginning and after the other half when the theme is ready and complete, you will also be able to see the demo theme on our website, but you will not receive it until you have completed the payment in full.

Creating databases and user and platform instalation, no others instalations or permits.
Please, keep in mind that the price is between 5€ up to 20€, it depends on all the things you want us to do.

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